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  1. Risk taking with food
  2. Have you avoided the stomach bug from your children? If so, how?
  3. Flying
  4. How long its been since you were last sick
  5. Could your mom tell when you were gonna TU?
  6. Does the environment make a difference for you?
  7. just a quick question c:
  8. when i'm anxious i...
  9. Settling for emet?
  10. Internet cafes
  11. Do you and your children get the flu shot?
  12. Did you throw up in 2011?
  13. Where is your emet the worst?
  14. emet poll
  15. Emetophobia Bracelet :D
  16. Emetophobia Bracelet :D
  17. What is your blood type, and have you had Norovirus before?
  18. What term makes you feel most panicked
  19. How often do you take anti-emetics?
  20. Vegetable cutting machine in bangalore
  21. What is your biggest Emet food fear?
  22. When did your phobia start?
  23. What is your natural hair color?
  24. How do you ask dates/BF/GF/mates about vom?
  25. Have you ever vomited from alcohol?
  26. Would you want to know ahead of time the date that you would next v*?
  27. If you could sleep anywhere tonight, where would it be?
  28. do you get nauseous from worrying often?
  29. Family History of depression, anxiety, any mental illness?
  30. do you believe that you`ll v one day despite trying to avoid it?
  31. Did It End Up Making You Vomit?
  32. Do you have Asperger's syndrome?
  33. When you're watching a film, do you know when a scary scene is coming?
  34. hunger before flu?
  35. Would you take Tamiflu?
  36. Coke or Pepsi
  37. Do you consider yourself hypochondriac?
  38. USA election
  39. Male or Female? (Out of curiosity)
  40. Afraid of being sick yourself? Or afraid of others being sick? Or both?
  41. Who knows about your phobia?
  42. Abbreviations?
  43. Stronger or weaker?
  44. Which are you most afraid of?
  45. What's the fastest you ever went from feeling fine to vomiting?
  46. Did you throw up in 2012?
  47. How old were you at the onset of your emetophobia?
  48. Reasons you fear V*ing
  49. Do you have trouble asking for or accepting help?
  50. Happy or sad
  51. Certain time of day where you feel more panicked?
  52. Does seeing/typing the words trigger you?
  53. Have you been sick from a stomach virus in the past ten years?
  54. Do you have Emetophobia?
  55. Would you rather get an sv* yourself or have someone you love get an sv*?
  56. Did you throw up in 2013?
  57. How do you make a new poll?
  58. Would you rather? (poll)
  59. Poll Did you have....
  60. How often do you see it?
  61. What would you do if you woke nauseated on your wedding day?
  62. Poll about noro and your blood type
  63. Anxiety vs real nausea
  64. How often does emetophobia affect your life?
  65. How often does emetophobia affect your life?
  66. When was the last time you V*?
  67. Do you fear/phobia of D*
  68. worst thing someone can say to you
  69. How often do you wash your hands?
  70. Did you throw up in 2014?
  71. Do you know why/how you became an emet?
  72. Is anyone else afraid of the night?
  73. Which is worse: Food poisoning or stomach bug?
  74. Have you ever dreamed you were vomiting?
  75. Have you ever fainted?
  76. I'm new
  77. Poll: Alcohol.
  78. Do you eat seafood?
  79. The Berenstein/Berenstain Bears?
  80. When the norovirus vaccine comes out, will you get it?
  81. Did you throw up in 2015?
  82. Did you....
  83. Can you pinpoint what caused your last SV?
  84. About how many times a day do you clean your hands?
  85. Emetophobia awareness ribbon?
  86. Have you ever cried?
  87. Early s*v* season - have you noticed...?
  88. Who are you voting for in the presidential election?
  89. How often do you have panic attacks?
  90. How often do you have panic attacks?
  91. How often do you have emetophobia panic attacks?
  92. Did you throw up in 2016?
  93. What Part Of V*ing Scares You The Most?
  94. would you rather deal with hunger with pain or feeling full?
  95. V* without n* first - better or worse?
  96. Did you throw up in 2017?
  97. Who are you rooting for in the Super Bowl?
  98. Which scares you more? (some trigger words)
  99. Do you keep emetophobia a secret?
  100. Did you throw up in 2018?
  101. Willingness to participate?
  102. Did you throw up in 2019?
  103. Did you throw up in the 2010s?
  104. How do you like your meat cooked?
  105. Did you throw up in 2020?
  106. Did you throw up in 2021?
  107. Did you throw up in 2022?