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  1. Never before!!
  2. Food Trama
  3. freaking out
  4. It's so nice to finally meet people who know what it's like.
  5. Never posted before but never been so terrified...
  6. Soo *N* right now
  7. Freaking Out!
  8. Incubation Period? Feeling like a time bomb....
  9. is it bad for us to hold it in?
  10. new and struggling
  11. well that was really weird. now I'm going to have a panic attack, of course
  12. Worried, as always.
  13. over-ate tonight
  14. Cleaning/Sterilizing Suggestions!??! Please Read, Please Help!
  15. need to sleep but feel sick
  16. God, my stomach hurts.
  17. Noro question:
  18. I'm scared I have Noro
  19. And i have (it)
  20. Help! Prevention?
  21. Feels like v* coming up most of the time? Scared!
  22. Will I Be Okay?
  23. Panic at night!
  24. I'm a mess
  25. Exposure! Very scared!
  26. so so scared of noro :(
  27. Lexapro and Propranolol?
  28. Nauseated and really scared
  29. upper abdominal pain??
  30. Pregnancy
  31. An emetophobe's worst nightmare,
  32. So exhausted.
  33. Please help :(
  34. really struggling today!!! help
  35. Have a bad stomach ache. Scared it's start of a SV*!
  36. Overate, on the verge of having a panic attack
  37. panicked, sorry I've been posting everyday lately :(
  38. Living in fear. It's everywhere!
  39. I need to know the facts, to stop the panic!
  40. First post and need support
  41. working myself up, calm me down please -.-
  42. Stressing out :(
  43. Just gas or could it be *SV?? Help please!
  44. Going in a works meal tomorrow...heeeeelllllp
  45. hi again...urgent question about cooked pasta
  46. New user new post old fears
  47. Panic...
  48. I can't .... I can't do this anymore; I cant
  49. Stomach bug or seasonal flu?
  50. Husbands/boyfriends/partners etc
  51. Urgent questions from a new member
  52. in my house! help!
  53. Tummy has been hurting all day
  54. Chat anyone?!
  55. Living with parents that don't understand my emetophobia.....
  56. Constantly feeling n*....
  57. Nauseous, feeling like I might v*. The usual.
  58. Anxiety attack plus period.
  59. never posted before...here goes
  60. In a house full of sick people, help!
  61. mom has sv now
  62. Just been to the pub.
  63. A bit worried
  64. people who HAVE to post on Facebook about getting the SV.
  65. Is it may yet?
  66. Pregnancy and emetophobia, bad mix?
  67. Not feeling well... As usual
  68. Panicked. Out of date food!
  69. I'm new and need some help/advice
  70. OT: reoccurring sinus headaches
  71. Such a help last night on chat , thanks everyone ... An update
  72. want to go out but woke up feeling odd :(
  73. Feeling N* Again,Help!
  74. Constant N* cycle..could really use some help
  75. Possible to delay V* long enough that virus passes?
  76. Scared I might have caught noro. Help?
  77. Pain on side
  78. panicking again
  79. Gas?
  80. PLEASE Help!!! Exposed!! Feeling Doomed!
  81. Help! Worrying I was exposed (...what else is new?!)!
  82. Feeling really low again! :(
  83. driving myself crazy...help:(
  84. Such a bad night with no sleep :(
  85. Hunger Nausea??????
  86. please help :(
  87. help!!!!
  88. Please help!
  89. Almost v*..! Scared!
  90. You all must be fed up with me....I know I am!
  91. Made contact with someone who had SV!
  92. Feeling SO depressed...
  93. WHY did it have to come back?!?
  94. AWAY from home, scared and anxious,help!!
  95. Ate some rotten cream cheese frosting... :(
  96. terrible stomachache and not sure why... beginning to panic
  97. Was in hospital yesterday and scared I caught something!
  98. Flu? :/
  99. Qyestion and Scared!!
  100. Anyone used Emend before surgery?
  101. My mom sick again
  102. Let my guard down. Is this a stupid thing to think about? Please help me.
  103. Ugh, freaking out.
  104. Scared Out of My Mind!!! :(
  105. Help!!! Please! What do I have??
  106. Someone v* in my subway car! Now my anxiety is REALLY out of control!
  107. Ughhh
  108. Heightened Sense of Fear
  109. Having bad abdominal pain
  110. so fed up of hearing about noro
  111. Worried about exposure
  112. Please help!!!!
  113. Weird feeling...
  114. Can't sleep. Paranoia is ruining my life
  115. Just what is going on with me?
  116. hair in throat
  117. I am so tired of this...I am always so scared
  118. A newbie in need of support. Panicking!
  119. I think I'm just overreacting, but I'm really worried.
  120. Can't take care of my boyfriend
  121. cough worries
  122. Confused. :S
  123. New here, scared, don't know what to do
  124. Pregnancy fear
  125. I've been exposed. Feeling hopeless
  126. Feeling ill tonight.
  127. Pregnant and Norovirus Scare - Overreacting but Really Scared!
  128. Panicking please someone talk to me!
  129. One of those days.
  130. Scared and need help, please !!
  131. Really worried!
  132. Panic at work!!!
  133. celexa side effects?
  134. Please help!!!! :(
  135. Diet changes, stomach acting up
  136. Just need a little reassurance...
  137. Tired of the same thing everyday... :/
  138. Why??? News, Facebook, everywhere I turn someone is sick
  139. What can i do?
  140. Boyfriend has stomach virus, we hugged, reassurance please?
  141. Feeling like an awful mother!
  142. Ugh! Sudden liquid *d!!!!!! HELP!
  143. Upset Stomach
  144. Stomach uneasy, can't decide if hungry or ill....
  145. Sick nervous stomach
  146. Blood test tomorrow! D:
  147. sudden d*
  148. Flatmate ill overnight, worried
  149. Help Please...advice
  150. Worried and need some reassurance please!
  151. Anyone? Am absoloutley terrified!
  152. Waking up feeling anxious and ehhh
  153. This is getting ridiculous..
  154. I just can't cope
  155. LEEP procedure Monday. Any help?
  156. SV invasion- Please help!!
  157. Panic Attack
  158. Ugh please help feeling unbearably n*
  159. Pretty sure I've got something...
  160. Hi! New here...
  161. In the house :-(
  162. absolutely terrified. (dizziness)
  163. I need to talk to someone who understands me.
  164. Could I be exposed??!
  165. Norovirus in the house..
  166. So scared... Coming off of anti depressant
  167. OT: bf trouble
  168. Panic! Do I have IT?!
  169. Ugh, didn't last that long....
  170. afraid of v* because of HPV vaccine! please help!
  171. I need help and support
  172. Are we on the same page?
  173. help please! am i really getting sick or what.
  174. there's an outbreak in my family :(
  175. Pregnant and away from home...scared!
  176. Scared I'm coming down with Noro - please help :(
  177. Really worried :(
  178. Finally coming out about it....
  179. Indian food
  180. Did I eat something bad? Microwaving food question
  181. Catching SV from public bathrooms??
  182. Ill again- anxiety too high :(
  183. OT (kinda): Omeprazole not working well enough..
  184. Daughter v* last night. Would like some advice. It's weird! --Sort of graphic
  185. hospital appointment
  186. I can't escape this thing! Boss is sick now....need support.
  187. Thats it. I can't do this anymore.
  188. Dad just got sick, nervous
  189. Night anxieties. A place for people who are awake and anxious!
  190. very worried about noro scared
  191. Feeling sick after doctor's appointment....
  192. Please help, I am extremely bloated?
  193. Oh dear
  194. Just ate something made by someone who had noro!
  195. Oh, thanks Yahoo. Needed that.
  196. Is there anything that can help this phobia? It is taking over my life!
  197. Really having a hard time today...could use some support!!
  198. I'm so sick of this fear!!!!! Sorry, I need to vent a little :/
  199. Might have ingested cat urine- help!!! :(
  200. Urgent advice please!!
  201. So I actually v*ed.
  202. Help!!!
  203. Going stir crazy! Any advice appreciated.
  204. scared to go to the doctors :(
  205. afraid i may have SV
  206. really really bad pain please help
  207. Paranoid, SV :(
  208. Freaking out, once again :(
  209. Really scared and having panic attacks
  210. Wait a minute...
  211. I don't know what to do and how to stop freaking out
  212. Help! I'm so panicked!
  213. Bad omeprazole side effects :(
  214. Help!!!
  215. full, growling stomach
  216. Freaking out!
  217. Oh God, my roommate just rant to the bathroom to v*
  218. Been doing great recently, but having a bad day today.
  219. Severe bloating and indigestion
  220. OT: I need some help with something
  221. Anxiety Attack
  222. Who else hates the nighttime?
  223. HELP ...sick on the schoolbus
  224. Why? S* boy, I'm not on anxiety meds yet, and emet son
  225. Chat not working?
  226. Sudden N* freaking out
  227. Finding Treatment, Going to University
  228. Step mum with major Emetophobia
  229. Feeling sick
  230. Help :(
  231. throat thickness? please help im scared
  232. n* from anxiety? Medicine? or is it something else?
  233. Stomach ache/upset and loose stools.
  234. Can't stop shaking
  235. Anxiety?
  236. Need some advice!
  237. Just joined. Concerned.
  238. confused :(
  239. Has anyone overcome emetophobia??
  240. Feel like giving up :(
  241. traveling in an airplane tomorrow, nervous about motion sickness :(
  242. Feeling nauseous :/
  243. Ugh. So SICK of feeling nauseous...
  244. Ot: Sleep problems
  245. Ugh, possible Noro at work!!
  246. Just scared again
  247. One thing after another!!!
  248. Having a really bad night :(
  249. Please help me sort this out! I'm so scared :(
  250. At work and not sure how I will survive the next 2.5 hours...