I woke up with a really bad dull ache in my stomach, well its more low down, like a band below my belly button. I have been eating a lot more, so i don't know if its still trying to get used to all this food im having and i went from having no milk for half a year, to have been have things like ice cream and chocolate, and cereal with milk on, so it could just all be that, thats hurting my stomach as i still feel hungry. My mum wanted me to come mcdonalds with her today, but now im worried to eat anything, but i told her i had a stomach ache and she said its because i keep crying and getting depressed, which is upseting my stomach and the fact im getting used to eating. I worked out i ate about 1500 kcals the for the last 2 days, and since eating for a month now, i have put on about 3 pounds. I keep getting these stomach aches though, (sorry tmi) also with d*, then, i feel like its going to happen again and then my bowels don't do anything, i keep waking up in the night with this burning sensation all in my stomach, like gnawing pain. So i don't know wheter to go have mcdonalds now..but i know that if i don't she'll be really annoyed because its her friend thats taking us and she's arranged it all now..

Ruth x