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    Link here

    I came across this when I was back in England for a short time, and espied it on the shelf after check-in. Unfortunetly I was super broke (especially after you've spent a week in London) so I couldn't get it, but I gave it a quick flick-through.

    Has anyone tried this book with their emet?

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    I bought it recently and i think it had a lot of interesting things to say,
    tho i haven't had time to read all of it. I think it would help a little and
    for me even a little help would easily be worth the money! I haven't
    really put much of the advice into action, but it is nice to know that it is
    there when i have an attack to help calm me a little.
    I really like all of my other books i have in the dummy series. They are
    quite useful!



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