So last week I moved out with my boyfriend, and it's going very well. However, with moving out, comes cooking. I'm not a great cook but I can make a few meals, enough to survive off of in a healthy way. Anyway, I've always been iffy around cooking meat simply because I don't want to make myself sick, but I got some of this pre-made chicken souvlaki to cook up for dinner. It said to cook it on high for 14-18 minutes... I put it on high, but the outside was cooking (and burning) faster then the outside, so I went from high to medium heat. I kept turning and cooking them on there for a litle over 20 minutes. They were done before the rest of the food, so I put them on our plates. By the time we got to eat them, they had cooled off, so it was hard to tell if they were fully done; I put mine back in the microwave for 20 seconds to make the chicken hot again, but I'm still really worried.

It wasn't pink or cold in the middle, it was warm, but not hot. The directions said to cook on high heat, and I only did it on medium... could it be possible that it was undercooked? Also, we froze this stuff, and when we read the package afterwords it said that it should only be refrigerated unless it's being kept for a long time. Could this affect how it was cooked, since the directions are for cooking from already thawed meat?

Please help, I'm really scared, I don't want to get sick, there's too much stuff already going on right now [img]smileys/smilies_06.gif[/img]