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    I'm sorry if this isn't allowed, but this is general discussion and people said they were interested, but I dunno, maybe it's more of a PM thing. I have just setup my new radio station. People said they were interested in listening. There are gonna be a variety of test broadcasts going on during the day, but the debut show will be on tonight. It will start at 12:00am British time.

    But this thread isn't just about shameless self promotion. I am running the whole station on my own at the moment, but would like for it to become successful and enjoyable for people to listen to. So, would anyone be interested in helping me?

    Looking mainly for DJs at the moment, but if you can help in any other way, such as organisation, web design etc. then please contact me. I love doing radio, and it works best when there is a community involved.

    So, again, apologies if this isn't allowed, but I am genuinly interested to see if people want to be involved. People who know me know I am not one those come-to-a-forum-advertise-my-stuff-then-leave typa guy.

    I'll post the address and what you need to listen after I have run a few more tests.

    Here we go. You will need Winamp or RealOne Player.

    http://www.gamezforums.net/listen.plsEdited by: insomniac

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    Awesome! Thanks
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