*NOTE: here's the rule for this one, DO NOT, get overly excited about this, it's a long ways off but still a possibility and something to hope for.

Ok, so I think a lot of us are of the mindset that if we could rid ourselves of sv*s we could all relax a whole lot more. I know that the point should be to get over the fear not get around it... but at this point I'll take what I can get.

Well, an article was published in the Journal of Medical Virology very recently that they are working on a vaccine to NV and have been successful in stimulating an immune response to NV in mice, other cool point if you hate shots, its an oral vaccine. Now they've only stimulated an immune response but it's a start. They've also showed a decrease in NVs ability to bind to the cells it infects because the Virus Like Particles used in the vaccine bind to them first stealing their spots, which is great. NV is very hard to make a vaccine for because of the many strains and mutation rates, so it'd probably be like the flu vaccines where they have combine vaccines to a bunch of key strains into one. However the department of defense is heavily funding this research because if you think about what happens on cruise ships, imagine what the navy has to deal with and obviously can't afford to have the majority of a ship taken out and delayed in wartime. Sorry I can't link the paper, it's restricted access to med ppl. and protected by copyright.

Another group called ligocyte has also been commissioned by the department of defense to work on a vaccine. Here's the link to that (keep in mind, this is a company and will exaggerate success in the name of self promotion)


Just think, maybe 10 yrs we'll actually enjoy winter....

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