Wondering if there is an interest in starting a thread on: 1. what meds. we take 2. what they are intended for 3.how did they work for you?

If possible, maybe we can keep this short and simple so that it is an easy read. It seems like every other day someone has a question about a certain med. Maybe condensing it here will help?? Keep in mind that side effects are different for everyone. These will just be our experiences . . .

Lexapro: for anxiety & mild depression. Worked for anxiety, but my side effects were a little nausea starting off, muscle tension, jaw clenching & total labido killer.

Zoloft: for anxiety and mild depression. Worked much better for me than Lexapro. Still had some muscle clenching. Labido was better, but not great. Had to get off of it VERY slowly as in 1/2 dose, regular dose, 1/2, reg., 1/2, 1/2,reg, 1/2, 1/2, 1/2 and so on.

Wellbutrin: anxiety, mild depression & adult ADD. I really like Wellbutrin. Only problem is that it can give you a "boost" which I mistook for anxiety. That fixed itself though. Has worked great for everyday depression and anxiety. Dunno on ADD. It's not much better. I'm still on it. No real side effects other than it curbs my appetite.

Celexa: anxiety. This was to control the anxiety I had with Wellbutrin. It is closely related to Lexapro & I had the exact same side effects, so I stopped it.

Lorazepam aka Ativan: panic! I only take this if I feel a panic attack coming on. It works fast and very well. It often causes drowsiness, but that is not my experience. It is very addictive, so you can ONLY TAKE THIS WHEN ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. It's a great back up for someone that doesn't panic often.

Kava Kava: anxiety. I used to take this "herbal" pill for anxiety. I found that it worked great as an "as needed" relaxer. It got a little bit of bad press, so it's hard to find. I had great success with it.

Ginger Capsules: upset stomach and nausea. Works for me.