Okay, so this is for all of you who have taken both of them, or one of them, before, or just know a lot about them.

I got my PSAT results back, and I think they were actually very good! I scored a 74 on the Writing Skills section, and that was the 99th Percentile of U.S. college-bound juniors. [img]smileys/smilies_01.gif[/img]. Then I got a 52 (65 percentile) on the Critical Reading, and a 54 (66 percentile) on Math. The only reason I"m telling you this, is because I was a. wondering if that was a good score or not, and b. wondering how the PSAT translated into SAT in difficulty, and if a good score in the PSAT generally means a good score on the SAT. Of course, there were no essays on the PSAT and there are on the SAT, but i'm still kind of confused/worried.

I would appreciate any insight or advice!

<3 Anya--