I've found that this really helps when trying to desensitize yourself with v* related pictures on the internet.

First, make your internet window reallllly small so when you click on the link (you'll have to scroll around to find it!) you won't actually see the picture.

Next, slowly drag the bottom right corner of the window out, making the window larger until you see just the top left corner of the image. Stop expanding the window. The top corner is probably unintelligible, one color and not really indicative of what the rest of the picture is. Let yourself get comfortable with this corner, its just a color, a few pixels.

Slightly increase the window again by just a few pixels of width and height. Again, get comfortable with the image so far, it's just adding a few more lines of color to the already harmless corner, right?

Continue doing this, expanding the window by just a few pixel dimensions at a time, allowing yourself to get comfortable with the image before going on.

Go as far as you can; you don't have to view the whole image right away. This takes time with varying degrees of images. You may surprise yourself though with how far you can get if you take a gradual approach like this as opposed to having the picture BAM suddenly appear.

I hope this helps somebody!