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    Welcome, friends, to a new game;
    I hope it's not too cheesy...
    Poet Party is its name,
    And its rules are really easy.

    A poem's crafting is your goal
    But here's the special twist:
    The topic of your verse is told
    By the post that's previous.

    The minimum is four lines long,
    The max is up to you.
    Requirement for rhyme is strong,
    But the structure is yours, too.

    Rap or be the next Shakespeare,
    Just be sure to make it rhyme,
    And give the next one to appear
    Inspiration for their lines!

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    Watermelon, juicy and red
    Tastes so great in summer
    "But it tastes yucky", my husband said.
    And, I think that's a bummer!

    (How was that??)

    Next topic: husbands
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    :-D Awesome!!

    To all our men, let's give a cheer
    Our husbands, a big shout!
    Ladies, we know one thing's clear...
    Can't live with them... or without!

    Next topic: books
    Normalcy is merely indicative of a lack of courage.

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    A romance, an adventure,
    Or maybe just a laugh
    A book can bring you these for sure,
    And you don't have to get off your a--

    Next topic: laughter
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    Sneezes, Laughter, and You

    I opened my eyes
    To your beautiful laughter
    And I realized that the window was open.
    The wind was brushing my hair into my face
    And I sneezed.
    A little sneeze.

    You laughed some more
    Because you thought it was funny.
    I guess it was.
    A bit.
    I kissed your nose
    For good luck.

    I used to do that all the time
    When we were younger.
    Who am I kidding?
    We are young
    Even after all of these years.
    We still sing.

    You put your hand around me
    Pulling me closer to your heartbeat.
    My breath caught in my eyes
    And I remembered a meeting I had to get to.
    But you kissed me before I pulled away.
    I kissed back.

    And I sneezed again
    In your face.
    There must be something in the air.
    You let go of me and rolled on your back
    I havenít seen you laugh like that in so long.

    The sheets caught my legs
    And as I fussed with the cotton madness
    You tackled me
    In a big hug
    With a slight tickle to my stomach.
    You know what that does.

    I sneezed again
    But I remembered to cover my mouth this time.
    Why are my sneezes so funny?
    I should laugh out loud
    Next time you stub your toe
    Like you do every morning.

    And you do.
    You stub your big toe
    And I remember to laugh
    As you hop around dramatically.
    I laugh more.
    Then I snort and you hiccup.

    A bird flew in the window.
    A little one.
    It was red.
    And it landed on your head.
    I cracked up some more
    But I had to sneeze again.

    Birds donít laugh when I sneeze.
    They fly away
    Getting themselves stuck in the house
    Until you lure them outside with your laughter.
    But I was late for my meeting
    So you called my office.

    You said that I sneezed
    And had an accident
    On the road.
    I couldnít quit laughing in the background.
    My secretary gave her condolences.
    Then you said I died.

    I turned around with a fading smile on my face
    And saw a casket in a graveyard.
    You were there
    And I was gone.
    No more silly sneezes in the morning.

    I watched
    As a little red bird
    Flew to you
    And landed on your shoulder.
    You looked at it with pity
    For it would never hear me sneeze.

    I never did understand
    Why you liked my sneezes.
    But then again
    You never understood
    Why I liked your laughter.
    I used to like mornings

    And little red birds.
    Who flew off when I sneezed
    Getting themselves stuck in the house
    Until you lured them outside with your laughter
    And I sneezed
    In your face freshly washed in tears.

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    (remember, one of the rules for this game is that the poems have to rhyme. :-))

    Childhood remembers me;
    But do I remember this?
    Surrounded by insecurity,
    Or all absorbed in bliss?

    When all I knew was new and bright
    Was fear or focus found?
    When children play, I think they might
    Be all the more profound.

    "The play's the thing!" the story goes
    And I wouldn't argue much
    But captured moments uncomposed
    Prove that I'm not in touch.

    I cannot practice childhood;
    Could a child of mine do less?
    Could I, so flawed, do them some good?
    It's not enough, my best.

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