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    Yesterday I went to the beach with two of my close friends to have a
    bonfire, but on the way to the beach there was a 15-20 minute hike. It
    was dark when we got there and we didn't have a flashilght, so we were a
    tiny bit nervous. Just a bit, though.
    Anyways, we were walking along a small path in the woods, couldn't see a
    thing, when all of a sudden we heard a rustling in the bushes ahead of us.
    We stopped dead, and listened. There was something big and it was
    coming towards us. We started making some noise, then realised it was
    still coming towards us--at an alarmingly fast pace. We were really scared
    because we knew the animal could attack us. My friend said it sounded
    like a coyote.
    It stopped within five feet of us and just stood there. We stood there,
    looking into the darkness, and I can't remember ever being so scared in
    my life. We were just frozen there with fear, and waited for something to
    happen. We had no way to protect ourselves. We couldn't even see it.
    After what seemed like forever, we heard it shuffle away from us. I was
    still shaky for the rest of the night, especially on the hike back to the car.
    But when I was back home safely last night, I realised something. I
    realised that sometimes we have to be afraid. That fear can be a good
    thing. It makes us appreciate life more afterwards. Of course I'm still
    afraid of being sick. It may be something I'll have for the rest of my life.
    But last night, when I was certain I would die a slow, painful death by wild
    coyotes, it woke me up. It made me realise that my emet is something I
    have to live with. It's something I may always have to deal with, but it
    doesn't have to always be number 1 on my mind.
    Last night, I decided that if I don't get accepted into college for the fall,
    I'm going to do at least a year of backpacking around europe and africa.
    I'm going to swallow my fears and do what I've wanted to do for as long
    as I can remember. Of course, I'm scared, but I'm also psyched. I know
    that even if I get sick, I can handle it. I'll get better. You're healthy more
    than you're sick anyway, right?
    Well, sorry it's such a long post. And it may not make sense, but I had to
    try to write it. If you got all the way through it, I applaude you. Sometimes
    I ramble[img]smileys/smilies_25.gif[/img]
    <font face=\"Times New Roman, Times, serif\"><font size=\"2\">Sometimes even to live is an act of courage.</font>

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    That is good you realized all those things. Being scared does help you in the end!!! I hate the feeling though, when you are so scared that you are sweating, shaking, ect.

    But Good on you for getting through it!

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    you tell a great story - I was mesmerized with suspense.

    What a great revelation as well...you're right about fear. And it makes so much sense what you said about being well more than being sick. No kidding! Especially vomiting - we only do that once every 20 years at it takes 10 seconds. Why live paralyzed in fear 24-7-365? Logical, but not easy to integrate, I know!

    But if you keep "rationalizing" in your mind like this, you may find one day that indeed you do NOT have to live with emet all your life.

    All the best!
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    Im glad you were woken up this way.

    my mom and dad work in the hospital and one day I went in to pick them up. they kind of gave me a tour and told I met some patiets with cancer, some that were in car accidents, and so on.

    it made me stop and think., look at these brave people! they're going through so much but they're smiling and enjoying every day they have left, and Im here worried about a little V*.

    sigh, it only lasted temporary. i wish I could somehow keep that thought with me!
    ~*Jill*~ Teacher, Advanced BSc in Psychology

    "You can unlock any door as long as you have the right key". Mrs. Brisby, Secret of Nimh



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