I started group cbt therapy last week, i cant believe i am finally doing it, i have had this phobia as long as i can remember and i am now 21.

last wee we began with looking at a slide show of graphic pictures, and i had to do it for an hour a day all week! i know it sounds awfull, but by the end of the week i actually felt bored looking at the pictures and even managed to eat some food whilst watching it! i never thought at the beggining of the week tht would be possiable for me to do, it was so hard at times making myself od it but if u stick with it it really does work!

however i did have a fall back today, i went to my second session today, and we started on sounds. first we started listening to one sounds over and over until our anxiety levels had halved at least, and then we moved on to a tape of continuous vomit sounds, for the first time since i was there i felt rly panicky, shaking crying and i had to leave the room with one of the therapists, whilst the other ladys stayed and carried on.

i feel so dissapinted at myself ! [img]smileys/smilies_06.gif[/img] no one else had to leave the room!
they have given me slightly different homework to them this week so i can take it slower on the sounds.

Basically what im trying to say to people is tht i know its scary thinking bout therapy, and it is hard but if u really want it and really stick with it it does get easier! it does work, and they never push you too hard if u dont feel like u can cope u stop and they take the build up to your triggers much slower.

i hope this info is encouraging to some people [img]smileys/smilies_01.gif[/img]

rhi xxx