I am so pleased I came across this site upon researching my emetophobia. I have been suffering from this fear for as long as I remember.

I am 28, a primary school teacher and I live in constant fear of seeing someone v* or v* myself. I get very anxious if I know someone is feeling sick especially at work because the children sometimes feel sick in the classroom or playground...Fortunately it has not happened in the classroom for me.

Over the past few years this phobia has progressed from bad to worse and it is now affecting my social life and being in public. I find myself constantly looking around for signs that someone might be sick, and don’t like going out just in case someone is going to be sick.

With all this, it seems I ‘attract’ it all because every time I go out it seems I have been so unlucky to have someone v* near me!!! I become very anxious and suffer terrible panic attacks. My partner is very supportive; however he does not totally understand the extent of my phobia.

I have been reading a little on NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). I was thinking this might help me overcome this phobia. Has anyone tried this or been successful with this type of treatment?

I really just want to live a normal life and will try anything to be rid of this fear.

Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP) is a sort of hypnosis that started sometime in the 70's. It taps into the subconscious mind and is a type of 'reprogramming’ of the behavior one displays during times of anxiety etc…

I came across this website which is a NLP self help audio/dvd

However, there are some NLP practitioners around Sydney that deal with emetophobia. I want to try this, but thought maybe someone on the forum has already heard about this treatment.