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Thread: Hello I`m noob

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    My friend found www.emetophobia.org in Digg and sent me a link. My name isCindy, I live in New York City. I was born in Dallas, Texas and move to New Yorklafter marriage. I work in small computer firm. I like russian vodka and Prison Break


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    Hi, ive just joined too, i take it you have the same problem. How are you coping? I am across the pond from you in England and we have at present got an out break of the norovirus

    hope you are ok and welcome to the site

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    Hi there yeaknow how you feel as i am a nurseat a genearl hospital and we have norovirus and they have closed 11 wardsand i feel petrified everytime i go to work. i dont eat anything and my hands are red rawthrough washing them constantly.



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