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Thread: War :(

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    K...dont want to start a fight about the war in Iraq..I just have to talk about something that is really bothering me right now..

    yesterday there were two attacks that really caught my attention..one in Mozul and one on the Abu Ghraib prision in Baghdad. Among those attacked were two batallions from my states national guard. The attack in Mozul has killed one Mainer and injured 3 others...My husband has a friend in that batallion..we havent heard word on him yet.

    The prision is where another batallion is guarding prisioners..one of those guard happens to be my ex-boyfriend who I still care about (not in a romance way..just in the "he was an important part of my life and I still care" kinda way)...as far as we know no americans (Ie no mainers) were killed or injured..but Im still so worried about him.

    We broke up an odd way and havent really spoken or seen eachother (but once) for about 3 years...but i still worried sick about him being over there. His family are such nice people..and he is the son that really holds the family together..id hate to see them loose him ya know?

    SOrry this is so off topice..but its really bothering me..and whats worse is I cant do anything about it. I have friends over there..and I dont know if they are safe or hurt..and I cant do a damn thing about it.

    Anyone else with friends or family over there that care to share their stories?

    Im not big on prayer..but i think its time to start..at least for me..because its about all I can do for my lovedones over in iraq.

    http://www.bangornews.com/editorialn...e.cfm?&id= 420952this is a link from a local newspaper...it appears that my ex and his fellow batallion members are ok...for now Edited by: kmarie
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    I will be praying for your husbands friends safe return.

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    Well... war sucks... plain and simple and it's sad that we live in a nation, or at least some of us do with a President who was, and still is so eager to start and continue this War.

    My younger brother's best friend,who's becomealmost like another brother to me,Eric is over there right now. He is a marine and within the past three weeks two Marines from this area have died in combat. Everytime we see it on the news, or hear that one of our marines was killed we hold our breath. I cannot even imagine the pain the parents of these boys (most of them under the age of 23) feel when they learn the news. Proud as we may be of all the soldiers we never want to see them die!!

    Eric only just turned 20 himself and he entered the marines less than a year ago and now he's over there fighting for something (still not sure exactly what, prob. never will be.) He kept telling my brother and all of his other friends before he left that he didn't think he'd be coming back (whether he really feels it in his heart or not I don't know) and that if he doesn't he wants them to have a huge party with lots of laughter and fun to celebrate his life... not mourn his death...thatany 19 year old(he was at the time) should have to think that way just baffles me. But we pray daily for his safe return tothe U.S. and an ending (though it couldn't be safe, or easy now) to this war.

    Oh and It's just my opinion... but I don't think Iraq is the only country that needs a new leader...


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