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    Question anti-emetics in the long term?

    Hi everyone,

    Just a quick question.

    Ive been an emet since the age of 4 (now 19) and have been on a range of anti-emetics (currently Stemetil, which I take 10mg a day of) for a number of years. I am aware of the long list of side effects of these drugs after when being on them in high doses in the long term, but I was wondering if anyone knew if being on them for such a long period of time would lead the body to actual become immune to V******g and/or if eventually stopping them would cause V*******g?

    Lucie x

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    Default Re: anti-emetics in the long term?

    You really need to have your doctor gradually bring you off the medication. If you take yourself off without a doctors help you will feel like fried bacon. It may not lead to v* but you can have sweats,n*, shaking ect. Common to withdraw symptoms, habit forming or not. As far as immune to v* I don't think that's possible?
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