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    Default Writing a research paper on Emetophobia

    Hi Everyone!
    I am in a Women's Health Class and we have to do a "Personal Health Concern Project" which is basically a research paper on a health issue that effects us. Of course I chose to do Emetophobia since I have suffered from it for as long as I can remember. I have been having a bit of a hard time finding statistics on our phobia.. stuff like women vs men who suffer from the phobia, if it affects specific ethnic groups more than others etc...

    any of you have ideas for this info?

    or any other real good info on the topic? I have to have 5 sources.. otherwise I would just use this website for everything

    much love

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    Default Re: Writing a research paper on Emetophobia

    It's a really interesting but difficult subject to write about as there is so little in-depth research into it and so relatively little is known about it.

    There's only little snippets of info here and there, which is annoying! These might help you though:



    Good luck and maybe you can let us all have a little read of your paper once it's finished

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    Default Re: Writing a research paper on Emetophobia

    you could go through all the posts and stuff just to see different perspectives and anxiety related stuff
    good luck
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    Default Re: Writing a research paper on Emetophobia

    You could set up polls on this website to see the different ratios, I think.
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    Default Re: Writing a research paper on Emetophobia

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