I have severe panic attacks when I hear someone, see someone or even know that someone has or is about to throw up. The last couple of years I have found that it's getting worse. Not only is my fear about hearing, seeing or even knowing about someone else but also myself. I can't throw up around anyone, I can't even stand throwing up myself. When It comes to me throwing up, I get really angry, and irritable, I take my promethegan or my mclezine so I don't get sick. I lock myself in the bathroom so that I can be alone and keep my mind off my stomach, and if I do get sick then I'm by myself. I have been trying my best to do what I can but I also do have a motility disorder called IBS. I have 3 kids and they can't help when they get sick, but I just get so mad and angry about it. Is there anything that I can do to help with the anxiety and the panic attacks? Any advice would be greatly appreciated