Hi All,

Im glad i found this website.

Let me describe my problem:

I have a fear vomitting in front of ppl. I tends to avoid eating with colleagues/friends etc. I have no worries whether there are germs on the food and Im perfectly okay if im eating alone. I can take any kind of food when I'M alone. I do not have symptoms like keep washing hands, fear of being with sick ppl. My problem is if I take food when Im with others,
i fear that i will vomit thus it induce some nasty sensation such as tightness of throat, rapid breathing etc. Sometimes i try to hold the sensation and sometimes i go to the restroom and throw up for a relief.

I would like to try the emetophobia eraser program but I wondering whether it will help me.
I hope the program is not about telling u tat the food is actually safe/clean etc, as I have no issues with food. Can anyone of you point me at the right direction ?