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    Default TV shows and Books on Emotional Well Being

    I thought it might be interesting to post shows and books we've seen on emotional/psychological well being. Can be about Phobias or OCD or otherwise. Think of informative works more then entertainment value.

    Blink by Malcom Gladwell : Talks about how quick judgments work, and why its okay to go with your gut sometimes and why sometimes its not. VERY interesting read. I highly recommend it!

    This Emotional Life [PBS]: If you haven't seen it before, you should. Its in 3 parts and the 2nd one is on phobias and anger management I believe. It explains the relationship between the frontal lobe and the amygdala and why its hard to talk phobics out of their state. It also shows people using exposure therapy and overcoming their fears.

    The OCD Project [vh1]: This show is online and you can see the full episodes on vh1.com. I watched it last week and found it very interesting. Dr. Tolin explains OCD and uses flooding and exposure therapy to treat several patients.

    Anyways I'd like to see if anyone else has seen interesting TV shows and books that educate people on psychological and emotional health.

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    Default Re: TV shows and Books on Emotional Well Being

    I'm reading "Passing for Normal" by Amy S. Wilensky for a class, and it is really interesting. It is a memoir talking about her struggles with OCD. Which remind me, I should be working on that paper instead of being on here!

    I'm also reading "What they must Think of me" also an autobiography, by Emily Ford. is about her social phobia. It is written with the intent to encourage others to seek treatment and is mostly written TO those suffering with social phobia. (presentation on that next week!)

    I'll have to check out this thread to find more reading material when I'm done with these. Oh, and both books are pretty short, so they won't take too long to read!

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    Default Re: TV shows and Books on Emotional Well Being

    Thanks I will definitely check those out! :3



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