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    Default CBT and hypnotherapy

    I've been posting a lot on here recently because i have become severely mentally ill again over the last month. I have had about 3 relapses in my life but they have become worse and worse. This time I have decided to get PROPERLY better not just cope with it. It's hard because everyone i speak to about it keeps saying "you'll never cure it completley, you just gotta live with it." and while some of that is true... I will always get more anxious than others.. i don't think it has to rule my life like it has done for 15 years. I am having hypnotherapy privatley paying and CBT on the NHS. Can i have both therapies? is that a good idea? It'll be two totally different therapists doing the techniques. I just want to get better... i can can't i?

    please reply

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    Default Re: CBT and hypnotherapy

    Yes you can have both therapies at the same time, and yes you can get better. If by "severely mentally ill" you mean emetophobic, this is a phobia... an exaggerated fear... an anxiety disorder... and emotional disorder... not a mental illness. We lump everything into two categories: body or mind, and if it's in your mind then it's assumed it's a mental illness. But true mental illness is something that causes you be out of touch with reality all the time, doesn't get better, and always needs to be medicated to be controlled. That doesn't happen with emetophobia. Your thinking is unrealistic about vomiting, but you yourself aren't living in a little world of your own. So please, drop the "I'm mentally ill" label and that will be the first step to recovery.



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