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    Smile Something that helps me - Amethyst

    Okay, so you guys might think this is kind of strange, but it might help a few people, because it helped me. Let me preface this real quick with a few things, firstly this is this account's first post, but I've been browsing these forums for a few years. And I had an account a while ago but I didn't realize I had let it expire. :P Next, I am 23, and female. Nice to re-meet you all. Heh. So now onto the relevant stuff.

    Some time ago I went through a curious phase, and discovered the belief in the metaphysical properties of stones. I was into that a bit for a while, I was an emetophobe at the time, and I learned that amethyst is regarded as a stone with some interesting, supportive healing properties. I learned that, firstly, in mythology, it supposedly wards against intoxication from alcohol, and prevents hangovers. Along that vein, I learned that it has antitoxin properties, and is said to help ward the body against poisons, and help cleanse it of existing poisons. Also it is grounding, emotionally sedative, and helps ward against nausea. It is also said to aid in the recovery of phobias. I thought, man, this is cool, and perfect for my problem. I wasn't crazy into that belief or anything, but I started wearing a little bit of amethyst inside this locket of mine, and mind over matter took over. I've attributed much of my recovery process to this mind over matter and the little bit of subconcious hope and belief that I put in the stone. Every time I'm wearing it, the anxiety of tummy illness almost dissipates entirely. I don't like to think I'm dependent on it, but I don't like to go anywhere without it.

    I don't post this to try to convince anyone of anything, because you know, none of it is scientifically proven or anything; but this is just something I experienced and thought that some others might be interested in, for an encouraging, pretty way to try to conquer your fear, or begin to get some control over it.

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    Default Re: Something that helps me - Amethyst

    I have friends who are really into that stuff, they swear by it. None of them have phobias, but they say that the stones help them in other ways. I know that crystals do have certain properties (there's a reason that watches commonly have quartz in them). I know that it isn't scientifically proven, but there are a lot of things out there that aren't scientifically proven that are being used as therapeutic techniques by professionals! I have amethyst in my ring that I always wear, and I don't notice it helping me, but it is also a very small piece of stone and I'm only assuming that it is actual amethyst because it is purple. Even if it is just a placebo effect, who cares? If it works for you and improves your life, then it is as good as any scientifically backed therapy. Worst case scenario, if it doesn't work and you have a piece of jewelry with a pretty stone in it.

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    Default Re: Something that helps me - Amethyst

    It may not be scientifically proven but it doesn't mean there's nothing in it, if it works for you then that's all that matters. I got into crystals a few years ago although not used them for a while so think will get some amethyst!

    A friend told me about rose quartz a few years ago and how it attracts men, and i was in danger of getting left on the shelf (bridget jones had nothing on me lol) so i got a huge lump in a pyramid shape for my desk, a heart shaped pendant to wear on a chain and a piece under my pillow and 3 weeks later my now fiance moved in 2 doors down,saw me in the garden and put a note through the door and aasked me out!

    Thanks for sharing about the amethyst

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    Default Re: Something that helps me - Amethyst

    I have heaps of crystals i normally wear amethyst on a necklace but i am atm wearing a rose quartz heart with angel wings.
    I wear an amethyst braclet as well as a rose quartz, i also have amethyst and rose quartz in my bag and car and all through the house lol
    When im bad but i tend to use my tibetan quartz wand over anything and yep it goes everywhere with me and is on my drawers next to my bed at night.

    My kids also have crystals they have a variety whenever we go into the crystal shop they each get to pick a new one for their crystal bag.

    The one thing that i have even taught my kids is the one that draws your attention is the one you are meant to have like my now necklace i had been in the shop 3 times and each time even though i always wore amethyst i was drawn to this one i finally bought it a few days before my daughters funeral and havent taken it off since

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    Default Re: Something that helps me - Amethyst

    this is all very interesting to me.....i've never heard about it before.....i believe i'll be buying some amethyst this weekend....thanks
    how i feel about emet
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