I'm a 22 year old female college student and I was really struggling with this fear for a long time, and i feel college with all the stress made it worse.. but i started seeing the therapist at the school's counseling center and my fears and crazy thoughts and delusions really got significantly better from doing this.. Talking to a trained therapist about everything is the best feeling in the world because even if they don't firsthand know what you're going through , they're there to hear you talk and you can get a load off just talking through things.. I also did systematic desentization which helped too, except i didn't complete it but however much i did from it really helped. I encourage all of you guys to get help in this way, find someone to talk to because for me I had no one and was bottling everything inside. My fam don't take me seriously and none of my friends feel the same way about anything either so talking to a therapist was really helpful.. Im so glad to have found this community..Ive always felt like the only one! <3