So my cognative therapist has given me some excercises and i was wondering if maybe they could help you too! so here are some of the methods she taught me!

method 1: ok think on a scale of 1-10 of how bad it is 10 being your house burning down and your whole family killed (sorry about the morbid ideas) so i marked vomiting on this scaled as 4-5 what about you?

method 2: think to yourself how bad can it be??? everyone goes through it and they live, no one likes to be sick but it's just a part of life! so just play this through your head over and over HOW BAD CAN IT BE!?

method 3: try to do things you wouldn't normally do step out of your comfort zone, eat at a resteraunt or go to a public toilet, eventually you won't worry so much!

hope this help's please reply if this was any comfort to you!