I have struggled with emet for 22 of my 27 years. It got worse when I was 18-19 so I started on meds. Ivé been seeing therapist at every school and grade that Ivè been in. When I was 21 I started in CBT. I think it was about 10 sessions or something. I was so happy "this is the answer, this is my rescue". The therapist said that the goal with cbt is to eventually v*. Afterwards I heard people say that the goal is not to v* , it`s to feel ok with the thought of it, to learn to control the anxiety and the fear. And you don`t have to v* to learn that.

To sum up a long story, on the 8 session my therapist gave med Ipacec (stuff that makes you v*). But as an emet who almost lack of gag-reflex It took 2-3 hours before I v* instead of the 15-20 min she said It was going to take. She had to send me home with worse n* ever, she was like "ok, I have to get home, your on your own".My dad came to pick me up and I did the thing I dread the most, locked up in a moving car that`s turns and rocks while your in panic and n*. I did v* about an hour after I came home. I was so sick, threw up maybe 4 times and the Ipacec had gone so far through my body that my bowels was out of order for like 2 days after. Not the Easy piece of cake my therapist said It would be. Although Im really proud that I actually did it. Can u imaginge holding that little cup of Ipacec, knowing whats going to happen when u drink it, I cringe with fear looking back.

Anywas I wasn`t that traumatized after cos I hadn`t been sick with a virus, it was something I had controlled but my therapist said that It obviously didn`t work on me as it should and that I shouldn`t take Ipacec again....like ever. And then I had 1 session and the she was like "bye bye, your time is up, sorry".

That was the last time I went to therapY but I have come up with ways to manage the emet so I actually feel better now, despite of the bad CBT-drama and my hope and faith in therapy being crushed. Nowaday I try to cure myself with just challenge myself with eating out, travelling alot and doing pretty much everything my brain tells me not to do in order to not get exposed. Although I stay away from people when they are s*, Im not there yet with total exposure.

Was that a normal CBT?? How did CBT work out for you?

take care/jami