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    Default i'm new here :) please read?

    hey everybody i'm a 14 year old emet, and i have been terrified to v* for as long as i can remember.
    i travel downtown a lot. i take public transportation to school EVERY DAY. -___-
    it sucks because i always think about how many germs everything has, and i never want to touch ANYTHING in case i catch the stomach virus. i'm terrified.
    so i was wondering, is it possible to get through a stomach virus without v*? has anyone here had a stomach bug?
    any advice is reeeaaally appreciated.

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    Default Re: i'm new here :) please read?

    Hey, welcome to the forums! You sound a lot like every one here! This is a great place to be, because everyone understands what you're going through.

    I think it's possible, if it's mild! I know a lot of people rely on anti-emetic drugs, but I think that things like ginger and peppermint are a bit healthier and easier on the body. Do you carry hand sanitiser? It might help to ease your mind a little bit.

    Anyways, I hope you find lots of comfort and understanding here

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    Default Re: i'm new here :) please read?

    I had several sv`s as a kid, but none as an adult. I prefer to walk rather than use public transport, as not only are the buses & tubes filthy & germy, they`re too expensive. I only use them if I have to take a journey that`s too far to walk, & walking helps to keep my weight down.



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