Hi all.

I've been looking for ways to beat this thing, and recently i opted into an evaluation at a university's anxiety center. They evaluate you and then diagnose you, and place with you a therapist.

However, they diagnosed me strictly with OCD, no mention of a phobia. The evaluator (a Doctor) said he'd talk to whoever I was placed with and tell them of my leanings toward specific phobia. He also said this: "Because you mentioned that you have vomited, it makes no sense that you have not been relieved of your phobia. This is another reason why the OCD diagnosis fits." Mind you, I have thrown up only twice since a young child, once do to alcohol, and the second time a lactose intolerancy reaction, which has made my emet out of control since June '10/

Isn't it very common for us emets to show signs of OCD? My phobia (which I've had since I was 8, now 24) predates any OCD tendencies, which were developed over the years and not til I was older.

I'm just so frustrated. I thought I was heading in the right direction but now it just seems hopeless. How can I get help for this even they won't acknowledge I have emet? I'm not going to accept their services, but finding specific phobia help elsewhere is looking grim.