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    Default reading on the bus

    I`m still on the subject of motion sickness, as I`ve remembered something weird about reading on the bus. when I was younger I noticed that I couldn`t read on buses because it always made me n*, although I didn`t normally feel ill travelling. I`ve noticed that as I`ve gotten older I`m not affected by this any more, in fact I took an hour-long bus ride into the middle of London yesterday, & I was reading all the way,but I felt fine. It was quite a bumpy ride thanks to the state of London`s roads, too. I`m wondering if this happens to other people as they get older, or have I just been lucky.

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    You are lucky! Its been the opposite for me. When I was a kid, nothing bothered me. I could do rides, swings, read in the car. Now, when I take my kids on a swing, I can only do a few minutes and I can't do anything in the car. And I really prefer to drive, sometimes my husband's driving is a little erratic!

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    it seems the opposite is true for me...the older i get the more affected i am with motion sickness...ugh

    remember one time i went on a trip with my singles group at church....i didn't take any dramamine....tried to sleep to ward of the motion sickness....wrong....i woke up about halfway there extremely N*....if you know anything about that, i'ts too late to take anything then......only "cure" is to get where you're going.....
    lessons we have to learn the hard way are easily remembered lol



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