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    Smile Road to recovery..

    Hi guys,

    I've had to make a new account as I got banned from my old account (verityvee) because I had a really bad anxiety relapse about 6 months ago and Sage decided it would help me to recover if she banned me while I started my CBT therapy.

    Right well... where do I start?
    I've come so bloody far!
    If you want to know how bad I was, read some of my old posts on my old account verityvee. I was an anxious wreck.

    Anyway i've been having CBT, hypnotherapy and reading lots and lots of self-help books. I'm not sure which helped the most... it was a combination of things. The CBT helped because I had (and still have for a while) a nice trainee CBT therapist. At first I really doubted her because she was a trainee and I was worried she wouldn't be very good. She did help me a fair bit... I know Sage and everyone say they have to be the right therapist but i'm not entirely sure about that because I'm still recovering and i'm not sure she was the PERFECT therapist for me. She was a bit soft with me really :P

    I think the main thing it came down to was all the work and effor I put in. I also had a hypnotherapist and she was good too, she put up with a LOT at the beginning and almost declined me as a patient as I was so negative. The hypnotherapy helped with relaxation and it helped to see her before I'd go to big events (which now seem like nothing!) like going out with my boyfriend to eat at a hotel i've never been to with 50 people in the room who i'd never met at a work do!

    The thing that I personally think has helped the most (but i wouldn't of got this far without my therapists) is the reading and knowledge i gained from the internet and books. I've learnt all about anxiety and panic. It will never ever hurt you. It's not meant to do that, it's meant to protect you!

    My vomit phobia is still there. I still panic when I feel sick. But i'm hoping it will eventually go if I keep working on the anxiety. I don't know if anyone else who has recovered if they were the same? My anxiety is so much better but the phobia seems to be firmly gripped still! I have done exposure, lots of it. Videos etc but no real life vomit or anything. I don't know entirely how to move on from here... but the main thing is i'm so much better. It's taking me 6 months and sometimes I think i'm never going to reach reocvery because i've had so many set backs and it's taken such a long time but then again compared to the amount of time I was ill (nearly all my life and i'm 18) it's not very long at all.

    Anyway, any positive comments or advice I would really appreciate from the recovered emetophobes.

    If anyone wants to ask anything feel free.
    I'm not fully recovered by any means... i'm a long way off but I have come a long way and i'm glad i've done something so early in my life about it.


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    Default Re: Road to recovery..

    I'm nowhere near recovered, but you're an inspiration. I'm so glad you're doing well with this. Congratulations, you should be really proud of your progress!



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