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    Question Exposure Therapy

    Hey Everyone!
    I was wonderig if anyone ha tryed exposure therapy or has any information on it. I know the basics but I wanted to know more to see if it could maybe help me! Thanks

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    Hi meir,
    If you click on the link below to my website you will find tons of information about it. I explain the difference between "exposure therapy" - which is normally called "flooding" by therapists and "gradual desensitization" which can also be called "exposure therapy" by both laypersons and therapists. (So it's a bit confusing.) Flooding involves showing the client something or having them engage in something that makes them extremely anxious (up to 10/10) and make them stay with it/in it until their anxiety comes down. Gradual desensitization involves working at very low levels of anxiety - usually around 3 or 4/10 only. You do something little by little that raises your anxiety only so much and then relax/breathe, etc. to bring it back down. Then you do it/see it again and again until it doesn't bother you at all.

    That's it in a nutshell but my site has way more info!
    For more info about emetophobia and treatment:

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    Im working on that myself. I have a really high gross out factor and im truley only afraid of myself vomiting. And photos don't usually make me nervous. So for my exposure I watch youtube videos everyday or every other day. And I put myself into the persons shoes and.try to feel what they feel. But you have to BELIEVE it. And try and feel it. And it is scary. But I will do it until I relax. And I've noticed that I haven't thought about it as much during the day anymore! I think its really working! If your phobia is severe I would def. Start with sages website. Its AMAZING. For me I decided to take my own route and see what I can do good luck! And thank you sage!

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    Thanks Everyone!



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