I suffer bad IBS regularly and tonight is really bad! Well i've had it bad all week, but felt a bit better today so went out to a friends meal tonight and ate loads (when i've been eating nothing all week!) including pudding, and cream/sugar is the WORST thing for me, but convinced myself i'd be ok and.... well woken up in the night now with a BAD case of IBS!

I'm really scared incase it's not IBS and I have a bug or something, or that i'm gonna V because my stomach really hurts and my throats really dry and i know worrying will make it worse but I can't help it. Also all of a sudden I have this weird OCD thing going on linking with V ... it's taking me ages to type this because I have to keep going back to retype certain words so many times until I feel 'right' and I dont usually have OCD like this!

I'm tired but I don't dare fall asleep with a stomach ache incase I wake up with another bad flare of IBS or wake up and V!

I'm just so so so scared!!!!