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    Default How to avoid catching the DREADED SV

    Hi everyone it seems I am only on this board once Winter and Fall come around... So Frustating.. I want to try and knowledge myself with the dos and donts when there is stomach Virus around. My Best Friend her son was in the ER last night, he had his Wisdon teeth pulled Tuesday, was fine Wednesday, went to school Thursday was fine for most of the day, until about 1:30 ish.. He drank some water and took advil for Pain, and then said a bit later he ending gettick sick at school, and there after it happen several more times, the ER said it was related to his surgery,however my best friend now has the same things, Achy body, D, and has been sick from what I know once already. She asked me to please take her daughter to Daycare, I went to her house and didnt go inside, her son who was in the ER brought her to me, he was much much better.. Not even 24 hours had passed and he felt great.. so here are my concerns, my son (Who is going to be 9 months) and her daughter who is 1 are at the same daycare, she was in my car, but in her car seat. I just am not sure how to avoid catching this thing, whats the rule of thumb on this, I read some were that the Particles when a person is sick and I enhale them, can cause me to get sick, I wasnt around at all. I just want to try and not panic, as I am already.. so whats the time frame and ways to catch to avoid catching Thanks I hope I make some sense here with what I am asking.. Thanks

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    Default Re: How to avoid catching the DREADED SV

    Hey there! I'm sorry about your friend, and having to take her daughter to daycare. It's not true that you can inhale particles, that could only possibly happen if you were right next to someone as they were getting sick. The way that the virus spreads is through getting vomit or fecal particles from someone who is sick on your hands, and touching your mouth. SO, the gist of this is that the best way to avoid catching anything is to wash your hands before eating, and try not to touch your face or put your hands in your mouth before you've washed them.
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