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    Default Help please again!

    I think I just need some reassurance from people who understand. And understand WHY I need reassurance lol
    So a few weeks ago I had posted about my son getting sick twice in the car. He was fine for several days in between. So we took a trip to the beach, which was about a 7 1/2 hour drive. When we drove there, we left at 4am so he slept most of the way. Then when he did wake up, he just relaxed and I think he dozed off a few times again. Well on the way home today, we left at 930am or so. So I knew he probably wouldn't sleep as long as he did on the way there. And I was afraid of him getting car sick so I gave him Dramamine. About a half an hour later, he was out cold for several hours. We stopped to get dinner and got back on the road. I didn't even think about it but a half hour later he v*. So we went to my parents' (we were stopping there to drop something off) We cleaned him up some more and my Mom tried to give him a little pasta. He wasn't interested but drank some juice. He was really cranky so we left. Barely even a minute down the road he threw up again. And again about 15 minutes into the trip. The poor kid. I just wanted to cry for him. We stripped him down again at home and he refused to get a bath. He fell asleep on my OH for a few minutes and now he's wide awake playing in his room!! I'm really not convinced he's sick. My Mom thinks he is, but what are the chances he'd throw up 5 times in the car but no where else??
    But those of you with experience dealing with carsickness, does this sound like it? Can it pretty much happen any time like that? Even on a short trip?
    And any reassurance you can give me that it doesn't sound like a sv would be great. My husband said he's 100% positive it's carsickness but I don't know if he's just saying that to try to make me feel better or if he means it. Help. I'm freaking out.

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    Default Re: Help please again!

    It does sound like car sickness, my little brother threw up 3 times in a 15 hour car ride, but we also had to wake up at 4 in the morning, whick probably made his worse. But either way he was fine when we reached our destination. But he did not get sick on the way home, so i think car sickness kind of depends on the situation, and can get worse depending on the circumstance.



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