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    Default feeling scared and panicky.......

    I try and not let this happen but now its happening I cant stop it. Feel scared and wondering why me. Why cant I be normal???????? Why did I get this..........

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    Default Re: feeling scared and panicky.......

    what do you mean ? Are you talking about emetophobia?

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    Default Re: feeling scared and panicky.......

    Well nicolaniks this is not your fault. Just like its not ours. Its a phobia and to some extent everyone has one. Some are just more irrational than others but its definitely real to us. There can be many reasons why you got it, or there can be no reason. Maybe something traumatic happened that was related to vomit. And its normal to feel panicky. I think 100% of us have some degree of anxiety. I myself have terrible anxiety but its managable now. I hope you're better.
    Were here.
    This too, shall pass

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    Default Re: feeling scared and panicky.......

    I often wonder why me to? Its so frustrating to have something control u like this!!!!! No that Ur not alone though there are many of us out there that understand exactly what Ur dealing with ! for me just knowing that helps! When I get all panicked like that I grab a book and soak in a tub and concentrate really hard on that book and nothing else. That helps to calm me down and take my anxiety level to a more manageable level. Maybe try that Or something that u like that is relaxing. I hope U feel better. We are here for ya !!!!



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