today was going good and I only felt a little nauseated which is good cuz usually I'm nauseated all day because I'm anxious all day. I think I was feeling pretty good because it seems like everyone at work is pretty healthy other than colds and my family and friends all seemed well today. My parents have bad colds but that doesn't scare me I even ate my moms cooking tonight but then it happened... My husband texted me saying he didn't feel good and has had diarrhea all day ugh grr. He is going on to school tonight and said he doesn't feel like he is going to throw up but he could have the stomach flu this way and I could catch it and end up getting the pukies ugh now I'm all anxious and worried and about to stress out ... Last time he got this he threw up and let me tell u he throws up so loud I'll never forget the sound and how traumatized I was.... Ugh.