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Thread: Waves

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    I'm home from work today. My physical anxiety symptoms have become so strong that i just feel like i'm going insane.

    Sometimes i wonder if i should just check myself into the hospital, even though i know they wouldn't be able to fix me. I have to fix myself.

    I get so nauseated sometimes that i dont know what to do. And I honestly have no idea how i haven't thrown up since i was diagnosed five years ago, and before that too.

    |I dont know what else to write. But i'm very weary right now because i keep getting waves of severe nausea and i can't control it all. I've taken a gravol in hopes that it will help.


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    A lot of us know how you feel. That is why we all understand you, I know exactly what you are going through right now. if that helps at all :/



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