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    Unhappy Upper Stomach bloating/ pain ??

    I woke up with a cold ( sore throat, cough, sinus pressure) but I went about my day as usual. I was hungry at lunch so I ate, but now ( 3.5 hours later) I have sudden upper stomach bloating. I've often heard this is one of the first signs of sv*?? I get bloated quite often and easily, my doctor thinks I might have IBS, but it's always lower abdominal bloating. It feels like air trapped in my stomach. Be honest, is this the start of something terrible?? I'm away at school and have alot on my plate :/ thank you for replies

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    Default Re: Upper Stomach bloating/ pain ??

    Hi Ladybug,

    I always get uppser-stomach bloating - but the first I've heard of it being a direct sympton of sv* ?? I really wouldn't worry if i were you - I see bloating as a result of my anxiety (becuase it happens so frequently) so try not to see it as a bad thing necessarily It's probably just trapped wind/excess acid or something similar - I guarantee it'll go in time. Hope you feel better!



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