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    Hi, i have suffered with it for years, i dont drink, ive lost friends cause i dont turn up for hens or weekends away ive become really depressed. Every time my two kids cough at night it wakes me up and i shoot up out of bed in a panic. Im trying to move my baby onto solids which is sending me into overdrive cause hes been sick a few times with it after getting bits stuck in his throat. I have images stored up in my head which play on my mind all the time. I have just started CBT and had my first session a couple of hours ago. This is second time round for me as i couldnt cope before. The last therapist said to look at the websit rate my sick - i got my husband to check and stood over his shadow even he thought the site was awful and that one pic was enough for me not to look more.
    I have also tried hypnotherapy but it really didnt work at all.
    Todays seeion was mainly me talking about triggers and my reactions so we will see but it will be similar things like exposure work. Watch this space.
    I have just moved to kent and really have no friends so feel really down at min.
    Also the issue i have with exposure work is that i have enough images in my head i feel i dont need more. Whats more is the way i see it sick is prob worst phobia. My friend has sessions cause hse didnt like spiders. She went to pet shop and continued till she was able to have one. You see some people like spiders and they are around us all the time so easy for exposure work. With vomit, nobody likes it, even those who dont have a phobia find it duscusting and you cant just expose yourself so easy - if all that makes sense. My therapist asked me where i would like to be at the end, i said i just want to be able to hold my daughters hair back and rub her back when shes ill, i wana go on nights out with my friends without worrying about getting in the taxi with all my drunk friends, to be able to go on holiday.

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    Default Re: Support/Help wanted

    Hi clas and welcome

    You need to post these in the "Help and Support" section in order to get replies. Moving it for you!
    For more info about emetophobia and treatment:

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