So ive been on here about 3 times this week, tempted to pose, but havent...until now lol. I know this is just me overreacting and being paranoid but i need to just vent or get reassurence. So today my uncle came over around 5:30 and we were supposed to got to dinner with him, but i stayed home beacause i had a 'bad dream' last night where we got in a car crash so i took it as i 'sign' and decided to stay. Since they've come back he's been here since about 6:30 and my grandpa asked him if he had a cold or something and my uncle said he's had the sniffles the past two days. That kinda worried me, i know it could be just a simple cold but the thought of the being something else is lingering in my head, esp since he lives in hayward and novato is having that noro outbreak right now. I know i'm just being over paranoid and the fact i'm due for my period isnt helping this much. >____> sorry, just had to rant. Bleh lol.