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    Default sorry... but stomach ache, and im REALLY scared!

    First of all I want to apologize that I was posting loads the other night when I was scared. Everyones messages helped a lot and I want to say thank you.

    As i've said I have IBS anyway but with the SV going around loooooads of people in my area im so scared. The other night I had D, just once and spent the night terrified, having panic attacks, i couldnt breathe my body was shaking like mad and i was just sososooso scared i was gonna V and that i had the bug! Yesterday I didnt eat much through the day because I was still scared but I ate some bread and a banana and then by tea time I plucked up the courage to eat some chicken my Mum had made. I was fine last night but I did have a bit of stomach ache.

    Today I woke up and had breakfast, and dinner, and then before tea I got REALLY bad stomach ache again, and was really scared! Another thing is I am due on my period (sorry for the info) and It does feel abit like that kinda cramp but I think D cramp feels exactly the same anyway so i can never determine the difference!!!

    I ate tea anyway, fobbing myself off that it was just because the time of the month is due, and then afterwards about 15mins later I had D. My stomach still has this cramp and I keep feeling like I need to go again, but im really really scared and panicking!!!!! What if it's the bug??! I dont want to V! And i dont want to spend the night running to the loo! Im terrified! I HATE this more than anything in the world. Why can't I just feel well? Why is it always me?!

    If I had the bug would I have V'd just after tea (it was only a jacket potato with butter) or would it take loner to kick in anyway?

    I'm so sorry to be rattling on again but I have no-one else to blurt all this out to. My mum scares me because she has emet too so she doesn't reassure me or tell me that i'l be ok or anything she just tells me she's scared and then that scares me more because I really think I have a bug!!!!!!! I do feel sick as well and have a headache! Im scared!! I really really really can't cope much longer!!!!

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    Default Re: sorry... but stomach ache, and im REALLY scared!

    I'm pretty sure it's your period. Similar things always happen to me right before and when I get mine. Random nausea, stomach cramps, diarrhea. I know what you mean about diarrhea and period cramps feeling the same though! It sucks. Diarrhea definitely happens to me when I'm going to get my period, so I think that it's related. I really think you will be okay!
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