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    Default Reassurance please!!

    I need some reassurance. I know I'm going on a rant right now and I know I'm being irrational but as most of you know it becomes uncontrollable sometimes, especially when the sv* is involved. Okay, so my boyfriend decided to hang out with his best friend tonight, which was fine by me because I have my last papers to write. He told me that his best friend was coming over to his house. I stopped by to drop off a book he left in my car, and his best friend said "Thank god I got out of my house, my sister's been v* all day." At first I tried not to freak out, but then I went on her facebook and her status says flat out.. "stomach virus" ...I'm not paranoid to catch it because I've been literally nowhere near her, but can my boyfriend catch it through his best friend even if he isn't sick yet? Like...can the germs from his sister somehow be on him even if he isn't sick? I just want to know if there's a way for this to get passed onto my boyfriend even if he wasn't anywhere around her, just her brother. Opinions please! I just need some reassurance, I know I sound crazy but I'm sure a lot of you know how it is when these things happen..thanks guys

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    Default Re: Reassurance please!!

    unless the friend had v particles on him when he came over (which i doubt) your boyfriend cant catch it. i would wipe down any door handles, etc that he touched......just in case.....plus it would prolly relieve some of the anxiety.

    but if he didn't have symptoms he isn't contagious.....
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