Hello, my names Ashley. I have extreme emetophobia, i have had it since i was a child. I just cant seem to shake it. But to get down to the problem, my boyfriend always seems to catch the stomach virus more than the average person. He doesnt understand my fears of it, and as of right now he definitely has it! We were at our friends house, and he had a stomach ache. No biggie, or so i thought. But then he couldnt stop going to the bathroom, at that point i figured he was probably getting sick, but he wasnt nauseous at this time or anything, and theres only one bathroom so we all were using it after him, not thinking he was sick. Then he began to have diarrhea and nausea and at that point i just knew he was sick. I never went back into the bathroom after that needless to say! Well it took forever, but he went outside and he began to throw up! I called my mom to come pick me up, and he had walked through the house to leave so before i went inside my friend sprayed the kotchen down with lysol and oust, and i washed my hands repeatedly. I never kissed him after he threw up, but im just TERRIFIED that because i had to go back in the house, that ive now caught it because i was breathing the air (even tho my friend tried her hardest to spray everything). So my question is...is there a high chance i will catch it??? Even though i had no close contact after he vomited? Im so worried..when i get like this i wont until the 48 hrs is up and i know for a fact i didnt catch it. Having emetophobia puts a heavy damper on my life thats for sure! Im worrying so much, i need someone to ease my mind...he has been throwing up at work too
please help?