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    Default What is that smell?!

    I have been feeling ok today and now all of the sudden I smell vomit! I can't find any anywhere. Could it be in my head? My husband says he doesn't smell anything. I can't believe my mind could make up a smell. I know it's silly but I feel like it could be a warning. I wish I could just be normal and healthy. I miss being me without the obsessive thoughts and anxiety. Does anyone else think the smell might be a sign of you know what?

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    Default Re: What is that smell?!

    not a warning...you don't smell v* prior to v*. I would saying it was underlying anxiety and paranoia. Plus and you are imagining the smell or...you smell something that you are associating with v*. but other that that, i reckon you'll be tickerty boo! absolutely fine! :-)



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