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    Default On a trip to NY... scared!

    Hey everyone,

    I am with my family on a trip to New York City. We have been here a few days now and I have been dealing with the anxiety really well but I am a bit worried now because I start to think of all the people coughing in the streets and all the people touching the subway. I just over think things that I never used to consider 6 or so years ago. I'm about to go out shopping with my mother but I am feeling really anxious. I want to go, eespecially because I hope that being distracted in the shops will make my thoughts and anxiety go away. Are there any suggestions you may have?
    Thank you so much in advance and hope your New Year is less fearfull.

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    Default Re: On a trip to NY... scared!

    the liklihood of you catching anything is tiny, especially if you wash your hands before eating however i would wear gloves! I always shop with leather gloves on because i have cold hands most of the time and daaarrllling...i am extremeley fashionable! (use that excuse!) lol

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    Default Re: On a trip to NY... scared!

    I used to live on Long Island and was only an hour or so from the city. I would take the train in and ride the subway. I also go up to Long Island twice a year since I moved south and always make a trip into the city. Even went to the museum of natural history during summer break and let me tell you, it was crazy busy with camp field trips it was insane. I have never gotten sick from going into the city. Just make sure you do proper hand washing and you will be fine. Have fun and enjoy yourself!



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