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    Default worried about my son's play date Thursday!

    My son is 2 1/2. I have two other friends with boys the same age. One of them texted me last week asking if we wanted to join them for a playdate Wednesday but with Christmas I was just too busy. PLUS I didn't know where she was planning it, maybe an inside bounce house place nearby and I wouldn't want to do there during peak sv season. So she texted me again and told me they were having another this week, Thursday. I told her we would come. We spent the week with them at the beach in September so I know they're clean people. Their house is clean and everything, but she made a comment while we were there. I think her son drank out of my son's cup and she stopped him and was like "I stopped him because I didn't know if you would care. I'm not one of those parents that freaks out about germs" I honestly didn't care because we had been with them for several days and I knew her son wasn't sick.
    Anyway, the other Mom is a teacher. That freaks me out because she probably brings all kinds of crap home from her students! Now luckily she has been on Christmas break but still.
    I hate being like this and I hate thinking that I could be hurting my child by not taking him to playdates and toddler groups and what not. I mean, I'm going to go Thursday but ill probably be a nervous freaking wreck the whole time analyzing every little movement of their kids.

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    Default Re: worried about my son's play date Thursday!

    I know play dates can be agonizing for us emets!!!!! I do them with my kids but only if I know the moms or can do it outdoors or something that doesn't involve super close contact! I want my kids to have as much as a normal life while I deal with my emet!



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