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Thread: Help me please

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    REALLY sorry for all my posts, but I'm absolutley terrified two of my children have sv* I'm so adament that I'm gonna catch it. I don't know what to do, I'm keeping up on hygiene. But people tell me its airborne? What's the truth? I need to know. Also how many peoples families have had sv* without you catching it? Please help me

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    It is not airborne....PROMISE! The only way you can get it is if you come into contact with the d* or v* and then don't wash up properly. You have to ingest the germs to get them...Just don't touch your face and wash hands real good before you eat! Don't let anyone in your house prepare food for you until it has been out of the house for a week. And.... Lysol everything...it kills germs!!!

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    I was v*d on when my 3 year old was sick with a sv this past September and I never caught it



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