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    Default Stomach ache all the time I'm scared!!

    Every single day I'm beyond terrified I'm gonna get a bug! In fact I post on here probably every day because every day I have a new symptom or feeling or panic that I'm gonna have it! (sorry I probably annoy everyone)

    I know from just typing that it should put my mind at ease a little that today will be no different from them other days I panic and nothing happens, but I seem to need 24hr reassurance otherwise my panic gets even worse!!! Today ive had stomach ache all day... As I have the last few days! Sometimes it feels a bit like period cramp and sometimes it's weird like more high up in a way I cant describe! I have ibs but I can never accept the fact I have a flare up of ibs, I come up with excuses like 'it can't be ibs coz it's different to last time
    It was ibs' or 'the pain is different' or 'my emotions aren't everywhere and I've eaten plain foods all week' etc!

    This week has been a bit roller coaster-y for me emotion wise! I hate staying at people's houses incase I have a flare up if ibs/come down with a bug and on Thursday I'm going to stay at my bfs house for the very first time for a few nights (he usually stops at mine I've been putting off staying at his for ages) which I'm very nervous but excited for too! Also my friends have been inviting me on more nights out this week, nights out scare me incase I catch a bug from being in small packed out places with people (clubs) I've cancelled all week except one night I went and I've still debated on going which I guess muddled up my emotions! (I have a sensitive stomach when it comes to feelings lol)

    On top of that I am due on my period on28th, it could be a lead up to that? But the thing is I'll be at my boyfriends then and I know I get D when in on my period and suffer badly with my cramps so I REALLY don't want to experience my period the FIRST TIME I'm going to my bfs! (I know I could rearrange and go to his any day but I feel like I can't since I've been doing that so long... I HAVE to go!) so I'm restarting the contreceptive pill tomorrow so I don't get my period this weekend! I know you aren't supposed to do that but as soon as I'm home I'll come off it, have my period and then start it properly! I'm kind of worried this plan will make me sick though!

    On top of all this worrying and panicking, my 5 year old sister has just announce he has a stomach ache which ALWAYS panics me becuse of her age she is often picking up bugs from school! What if I have a bug in the making and so does she?!

    I'm SO sorry for this long post! I don't even expect anyone to read it I just had to get all this out of me because I'm worrying so much!

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    Default Re: Stomach ache all the time I'm scared!!

    Try and take a few deep breaths and try to calm down. Making yourself panic makes it ever worse.

    Sometimes I get crampy like that before my period...I've had some weird feelings in my stomach too with lots of gassy bubbles or something, and its just bizarre

    Good luck and hope you start feeling better soon!



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