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    Unhappy Need help fast!!!!

    My mom had some kind of sickness friday night and saturday. She told me it was from alcohal, but i found out today she was lying to make me feel better. So now im freaking out cause i havent been washing my hands and not been all controlling over it. Im so scared im going to get it. Cause i keep having bowel movements tonight. And the last one i had got really really soft so im scared im getting diarrhea. =[ =[ What do i do?

    Take a phenergan?

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    Default Re: Need help fast!!!!

    Dylan, for one you should be proud of yourself for not obsessing about excessive hygiene. It's a step towards recovery and just because your mom was ill does not mean you are doomed to the same misfortune. However, with you panicking, you are going to worry yourself sick. Try your very best to calm down. Think about it...it's now past Monday. I think you would have begun displaying symptoms by now if you were to contract the virus. Relax and have a good night!



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