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    Unhappy Think I may be getting what my mom had =[

    I feel bad for posting again so soon, but it's almost 3 am and I'm not feeling too well. My mom was sick most all of the day til about 7 pm I think, she had d* and v*. I stayed downstairs all day accept once or twice, I made sure to wash my hands often and not put them in my mouth. My tummy was slightly uneasy throughout the day, I attributed it to nerves. But in the past hour or so the irritation has become constant. It's like a kind of rumbly pressure in the area where women get menstrual cramps, I don't really feel n* or that I need to have a bm, but I don't remember the last time ive felt this way. I just feel doomed to get sick because of my mom being sick, and I'm fighting sleep because I'm scared. I wonder of the stomach issues are due to nerves and not eating much, or well abything really healthy all day? Sorry again for this being so long, I just wish it would stop and I would feel better. Does this sound like the start of an sv?

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    Default Re: Think I may be getting what my mom had =[

    How are you now? I hope you are ok today, and last night was just nerves.



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